Thursday, March 27, 2008

Phase 1, collect oocytes: romance is in the air!

Ahh, let the romance begin. :) This is the stuff Shakespeare, Lord Byron, and Emily Dickinson wrote about. Today was egg retrieval day. Brad and I parted ways in the pre-op area of our fertility clinic with a kiss and a groggy smile on my end. The retrieval suite was adorned with a lovely blue sky and fluffy cloud ceiling and the vocal stylings of James Taylor (which I just remembered). Everyone at our fertility clinic was amazingly nice and comforting. I even have to give mad props to Dr. A who was more animated and endearing than I have ever seen him (see previous posts re: my affection for Dr. S, my normal doc). He informed me that they were able to retrieve all 8 of my eggs and that, as Dr. A described them, they were "top notch". Brad contributed his "part" without sedation or abnormal incident! We must now leave things in the very capable hands of the ART lab with their microscopes and micro-manipulation devices (enter phase 2 with the aid of ICSI...more on that tomorrow after we hear back from the office). I am breathing a little sigh of relief for phase 1.

How am I feeling you may ask? (How thoughtful of you!) I am doing just fine. I slept for several hours off and on today thanks to the residual effects of the conscious sedation (odd feeling by the way, I am missing entire blocks of when they removed my legs from the stirrups in the retrieval suite, getting from the gurney to the post-op area, etc.). Brad took good care of me today including timely presentation of additional Tylenol and yummy Chinese food. Here is my fortune: "Your secret desire to completely change your life will manifest". I thought it was pretty profound. Brad, the other hand, pointed out my faulty logic by stating that my desire to have baby was hardly a secret. You know, TTC blog and whatnot. Darn him and his cynical logic. Blissful ignorance and optimism are much more fun.

Preparing for phase 2, we will find out tomorrow how many eggs fertilized and of what quality they are. We will also be given a date for the embryo transfer (assuming we have embryos worthy of transfer). It will likely be on Sunday, unless they are looking sickly and then possibly Saturday. I am supposed to return to work tomorrow but am wishing I had a cush desk job. I am still pretty sore with constant cramping (can I get another round of Tylenol?) so I anticipate being limited in my capacity to treat patients. Fortunately, I have great co-workers who are privy to my plight who will likely cut me some slack.

Just want to end tonight's post with a big thank you to everyone who has been sending us thoughts and prayers. I need to trespass on your kindness a little longer and request that you keep sending them our way!

'Hope' is the thing with feathers,
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all.
-- Emily Dickinson