Sunday, February 24, 2008

We may need directions.....

My husband Brad and I have been married 5 and a half years, most of them blissful. And, for the last three, we have been trying to conceive our first child. We've gone from happy go, we're going to be parents!, wow, this is harder than IV drug users make it look!...LOL! I'll spare you the gorey details but lets just say that we've seen our share of low tech infertility treatments (pills, shots, 6 rounds of artificial insemination).
Our latest effort to combat the lack-o-baby-ness @ our house involves consulting (again) with our friendly, local, infertility doctor (whose tropical vacations we have been helping to fund). We're going high-tech this time....IVF (invitro-fertilization). We hope to learn more about it after Friday afternoon....when we are scheduled to be enlighten through a riveting 2 hour power-point presentation PLUS a subsequent one-on-one pow-wow with an IVF nurse. Pardon the sarcasm...but I'd like to fast forward to the post-delivery glow and felicity (while holding my twins, 1 of each..thanks for asking)! Game face on, I'm ready to start!