Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Peas and carrots....

On previous visits the drive took 20 minutes; we allowed 40 minutes; it took 55 minutes to get to the fertility clinic today. LOL! No worries. They are very flexible at our doctor's office. Upon finally arriving, Brad and I parted ways...me to an exam room, Brad to the "collection" room. BTW, I went to the collection room once. Leather couch, single sheet, expletively instructive signage, and embarrassingly old VHS tapes with content I'd rather not discuss (One titled "Hot Chocolate", ok I've said too much, haven't I?). I've not be allowed back on return visits, it's the giggling I think. But no matter, I had simultaneous business of my own. While Brad busied himself with the critical morphology sample, I had my u/s. It was quick and painless, and highlighted the lack of ovarian activity. Just what we wanted to see! The BCP's did their job and, after tonight's dose, they will be discontinued.

Moving right along. I should expect a brief return of AF, secondary to the discontinuation of the BCP's, and then on Saturday (March 15th) we will start the Menopur shots. I say "we" because it is not something I care to do on my own. Aside from an initial incident in which Brad drew back the needle and plunged it into my stomach as in a rousing game of lawn darts or perhaps an imitation of the famed scene from "Psycho", he proved his mastery of stomach injections during our previous rounds of IUI/artificial insemination. I am the mix master (our shots involve mixing saline with powdered medication) and he is the administrator; it is a lovely relationship.

Unfortunately, today, after our appointment we forgot how loving and understanding we were and had a knock-down drag out fight because I want him to attend some of my misc. appts leading up to the "main event"/IVF . I argued that it was important for this to be more about "us" and less about me by having him attend and get more emotionally invested in this process than he did with our previous 6 rounds of IUI (his involvement in those cases consisted of assisting me with shots and showing up at the "main event"...skipping the bi-weekly appts I had to attend). I even set my next appt up for late in the afternoon for his convenience, so he could "pop" over to the office and return to work if needed (it is less than 10 minutes from his work). He argued that he didn't need to attend, his work is crazy, PTO does not grow on trees, and that I am already emotionally invested enough for both of us. UGH!

Fortunately, a few hours at worked cooled us both off. When we got home, we were quiet but attempting to maintain the grudge was hopeless. I had intended to give him a card this morning boldly emblazoned with the statement "Because of you, I bet I smile even in my sleep" (featuring a tasteful picture of 2 cats sleeping next to each other, powerful stuff-I know). With a little hesitation, I decided that I would still give him that card this afternoon and added my own message about the ridiculouslessness of my request, my overwhelming excitement re: starting IVF, and once again professing my undying love for him. He told me, in a small voice almost under his breath, that he had asked off for next Wednesday's appt. I boo-hoo'd a little and we hugged and kissed and all was right with the world. And then, more importantly, he said, "I'm in this with you. Just don't start getting crazy on me. You haven't even started the meds yet." LOL. Well said. This is why we work. We are like peas and carrots (thank you Forrest), PB & J, Sonny and Cher (except the whole divorce thing), etc...you get the picture. We may know how to push each others buttons, and do so at will just for entertainment, but in the end we always choose to put the happiness of the other spouse ahead of our own pride and self-interest. Ain't love grand?

P.S. For anyone who might have been concerned, Brad had his blood drawn today and didn't pass out. For those of you who don't know him, he has a slight history of vasovagal syncope (it has only happened a few times EVER--sometimes untriggered, sometimes triggered by blood draws/donation). After being armed with this knowledge, the nurse had him lay down (on one of the exam room plynth's with the stirups attached... are you forming a picture yet....no he didn't have to put his legs up there..stop picturing that) and all went as planned. Aside from a good laugh, the whole thing was uneventful.


alicia said...

Yay! I am glad you two worked things out! Things are sure moving along for you guys! Its so exciting!

Jennifer said...

Okay, I'm giddy enough myself and I'm not taking any medication either!!!

The legions of fans who read your blog want more pictures! We demand pictures! :)