Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome December, thanks for the head cold...

So December is here signaling all things good; Christmas; snow; cookies; hot chocolate; my unborn-but-soon-to-be-born child. Yesterday however I started to feel extra tired (I know, I know who can tell what extra tired is when you are 37 weeks pregnant). I started to get a twinge of a sinus headache. I napped excessively to compensate, to no avail. I'm sure I sawed some serious logs last night to Brad's dismay, breathing alone was not noiseless. And now today I have mucus to spare, a sore throat, and a big fat head ache. Woo hoo. At least it is snowing outside (ish). Ok so I saw like 10 flakes and I'm optimistic. :) I have yet to accomplish any of today's missions.... take car BACK to Honda bc one of my tires keeps losing air and nearly going flat, get pedicure (and come on who has to force themselves to do that but I was too tired to do it fear is that I will continue to put it off and will then go into labor w/ neglected feet for all to see), and head to the OB this afternoon for my weekly appt. I am also grumpy. Brad can attest to this. I will be adding "stop at Walgreens for pregnancy-friendly cold medicine" to my mission list for today. Ok so the self-pity is out there now. I feel better to have vented (mostly). I am now leaving the house to check off my to do list for the day. At least there's Christmas music in the car..... gotta love Christmas music!