Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving w/ the Cathey Family!

Brad's family all came to visit for Thanksgiving! We are all notoriously terrible at remembering to take pictures to witness our Cathey family gatherings but I did manage to snap a couple of the kiddos (Gabrielle (1) and Trey (2)). We had a great time and strayed beyond the traditional w/ jambalaya instead of turkey on the big day! It was a hit and collectively prepared w/ the women-folk as sous chefs in the chopping dept and my BIL, Dale, as head chef manning the pot and welding the spices (it's his family's recipe). The rest of the time visiting involved chasing the kiddos, discovering the wonders of Wii, cooking and eating, a chilly walk around the lake in our neighborhood, and even a little bit of early Christmas exchanges since we won't be making the trek to Memphis this yr since baby will be arriving soon. We enjoyed the visit and hope to repeat it before too long when the Impending Boy arrives! Brad's sister Valerie is also pregnant and due in March so at the very least we can expect to visit North Carolina some time in the spring when they are ready for company. Look out--the Cathey family is multiplying fast!

We give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.
~Author Unknown