Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weeks 36 and 37...bizarre dreams abound..

Still playing catch up here.....During week 36, our baby boy was supposed to weigh around 6 lbs according to my readings.....HOWEVER, my OB estimated that at 36 weeks our little one was actually around 6 1/2 lbs! The doc told me all my aching is normal, which I assumed, and that while I was not dilated, the baby was heading south as planned. What he didn't tell me, and I later found out at my 37 week check up, is that there was some question at my 36 week exam whether baby boy is head down or not. Apparently even if they tell you that your baby is at "station -2" that refers only to "the presenting part"...and that presenting part can be the head, butt, or feet. Not sure what the Impending Boy's "presenting part" is just yet. I am guessing that if there is still debate about this in the coming weeks then we may have to have an u/s to verify the part in question. LOL.

Week 37 means the Impending Boy is officially full-term! If he were born today, his lungs and everything else should be ready for the outside world! What a relief! It seems that my pregnancy is now in fast forward! Where has the time gone? I am anxious to hold him in the outside world but will surely miss rubbing the swell of my giant belly and feeling him kick and roll on the inside. *sniff* After reading my pregnancy book last night, I had a flood of bizarre dreams involving delivery....namely a self-performed c-section (in which my mom and I took turns being the one w/ the gaping abdominal wound) which went off w/o a hitch until it came time to delivery the placenta and I realized that I truly have no idea how that goes down during a c-section....and after I glued my abdomen closed I realized that I had left the scalpel in the incision and could feel it through my skin. Mental note to self, DO NOT read pregnancy books before hitting the hay. (P.S. Our version was not nearly as sophisticated as this depiction).

I am guessing all would agree that my dreams are a manifestation of my anxiousness about labor and delivery. Fully acknowledged! :) Especially since my OB's office is estimating that the Impending Boy is going to be in the 8 1/2 lb range by the time I deliver! Yowzer! My MIL's last, teary words as she departed this weekend to return to Memphis were "Take the drugs!". She said she didn't want me to suffer too much if I have a giant baby! Very sweet of her I thought. I am still hoping for an unmedicated labor and delivery. I am not going to rule out the need for some form of medicated pain relief. I'll discuss that at Monday's OB visit. In the meantime, I plan to pop out for a pre-delivery pedicure today and save some of that worry for later. I've been listening to some relaxation and delivery visualization CD's and brushing up on my yoga-based breathing strategies. We shall see if any of that comes in handy during L & D. It's nice to know that medications are available and I won't beat myself up if I can't make it through L & D w/o them. My only hope and prayer is that our baby boy gets here safe and sound!

“Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.
Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day.”
--Samuel Butler


Anonymous said...

One pregnancy book I recently found (and adore) is The Miracle of Me. It's written from the unborn baby’s perspective about how the baby grows and develops. Great child-friendly tool for parents to explain fetal development without getting in to the birds and the bees. Uses in-utero photography and rulers/scales so you can see the baby’s progress. I got it to read to my daughter but have a soft spot in my heart for it myself. A must have.