Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paige and Lilly visit....mission furniture accomplished

More excitement in November! On Saturday, Nov. 22nd I got a visit from my older brother, Chad, and my two blondie nieces, Paige (left, 11...just days away from 12) and Lilly (right, newly 5). Chad brought the much awaited crib and bookcase formerly belonging to Lilly. As you can see, the girls and I made chocolate chip cookies while Chad and Brad did the heavy lifting. Below is a pic of Paige looking too cool for school in her skater girl get-up.

Here are the cookies in progress..Lilly ate as much raw cookie dough
as she put on the cookie sheet....she left before any belly-ache onset. LOL!

Lilly sporting my girliest apron, making baking look glamorous like any good 1950's housewife. She is the polar opposite of her older sister in the style department....Paige wouldn't be caught dead in a pink-laden apron w/ rhinestones and a bow!

Below is a pic of the bookcase in the process of being organized. I will likely choose close lidded bins for the bottom shelf to maintain a more polished the bins you see are destined for in closet organization...more on that later.

The crib is here but not assembled. Comments w/ encouragement for Papa Bear, aka Brad, to get on his fatherly construction duties are welcomed! ;) You pressure we're only 2.5 weeks away from my due date.....

Everyone can rest assure that things will be ready for when baby.....should I reveal the likely name choice...Ben arrives in a few weeks. We are going to be homebodies for the rest of the pregnancy so there really is time for further organization. All the baby clothes have been washed, we have a bassinet, I am pre-registered at the hospital...the 'have to' list is complete. The 'it would be nice to' list is a work in progress. Besides I have more pressing things to think about like LABOR AND DELIVERY. :)


Jenn said...

Is the hospital bag packed??!!