Monday, December 1, 2008

New Developments....

(Sign near doorway with mistletoe reads, ‘What Happens Under the Mistletoe Stays Under the Mistletoe.’) by Drew Dernavich
You'll be happy to know that I made it to Walgreen's and got cold medicine (check), and to Honda to have my tire patched AGAIN because of a screw this time (check), and to get a pedicure w/ Christmas red polish (check), and to the OB's office for my weekly appt (check). I asked a slew of questions w/ my Nancy Drew flip-up notepad in hand. I told Dr. R that our biggest worry was that there had been some debate as to whether the Impending Boy was in fact head down at this point. She confirmed that he IS head down (yeah....and the crowd goes wild). HOWEVER, he is apparently giant. I didn't ask her specifically how big but she is having me come back in 2 days for an u/s to confirm both his size and the amount of fluid in my uterus/abdomen. She is not as concerned that there is too little fluid, on the contrary she thinks that not all of my giant belly is baby but that some of it is fluid....I am retaining fluid all over! I am sporting cankles and swollen arms and hands. Where as last time I lost 3 or 4 lbs, this time I gained that and then some and she doesn't think it was just the holiday over-indulgence!

So that's where we stand! It sounds like they might move my due date closer and she did say something about determining the need for an inducement! Argh! I don't want to be induced! I feel like if I get induced then I will definitely need an epi. I will hold judgement for now but hope things look more normally sized on Wednesday! I am still not dilated but I am starting to efface (meaning my cervix is starting to thin) and baby boy's head is an station -1. The internal exam was definitely more uncomfortable this time than the previous 2 visits so I believe he is heading farther south. I guess that lit a fire under my bottom so I stopped and bought 3 nursing tanks on the way back from the OB. Brad and I will install the car seat tonight (just in case-LOL). :) I am excited and petrified all at once! It looks like our baby boy will definitely be here before Christmas if my docs have anything to do w/ it! :)