Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No good news?

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have no real news. My u/s was done by a tech and I am supposed to get a call from one of the some point. The baby is supposed to weigh 7 lbs per the u/s and his head is measuring normally which means that he probably doesn't have anything scary like hydrocephalus (apparently excess amniotic fluid can be a sign of a fetal abnormality...or of nothing at all....or of gestational diabetes which has been ruled out already). I do have extra amniotic fluid but "not excessive" per the tech. Baby boys feet and scrotum looked giant (LOL) and I have pics to prove it! I guess I will wait to hear from a doc to see if they are still concerned about needing to induce me. I figured that they must not have been urgently concerned or I would have had to have met w/ an OB. Feeling pretty optimistic. Worse case scenario I may have to be induced so they can control when my membranes rupture ("water breaks") to prevent cord prolapse (cord delivery before baby), placenta abruption (placenta detaching too early depriving baby of oxygen), or baby floating into a breech position secondary to extra 'gush' of fluid....all of those scenarios would result in a c-section and are the risks w/ extra amniotic fluid. I am much less worried since that I have had a couple days to stew on things and now that I have seen our baby boy on u/s again. I'll keep everyone 'in the know' if I find out anything. Meanwhile, I will be 38 weeks pg tomorrow! Wow!