Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ben's due date...ha...


Today was Ben's due date! Needless to say he and God had a hardy laugh at any plans that the docs and I had. We are so very happy to have him here! We are getting in a better routine. Nights have improved because we are beefing up his midnight feeding. We are still consulting w/ a lactation consultant because he is gaining but closer to the lower end of ideal. We go back to the pediatrician for a weigh in tomorrow and to the lactation consultant for a review of his latch and before and after feeding weigh ins. In other news, his umbilical stump fell off today! It got roughed up on picture day at our house so I think the shedding process got sped up a little that day! :( The photographer ( )stayed all day...he is an old co-worker of Brad's so they did a lot of catching up and playing w/ photography software. We have been busy bees this week, squeezing in laundry and cooking between feedings and diaper changes! Brad has been great about changing diapers and welding bottles when we supplement (we are supplementing w/ additional breast milk at every 3rd feeding to boost his intake...per the lactation consultants advice). Overall, things are less overwhelming and we are enjoying having our little guy around. Henry has been angelic and only has to be scolded not to sniff or lick the baby! :)