Saturday, December 20, 2008

2 weeks old!!

Here is a pic of our wonderful baby boy at 2 weeks!
My how time flies when you are sleep-deprived!

This is one of the neatest gifts we have is a wooden block
engraved w/ all Ben's birth stats....I only snapped pics of 3 of the sides...
thanks Jackson Family!!

Here is our tiny little Christmas tree for this year!
Adorable, huh?

Two weeks truly has flown by! It has been quite a challenge but worth every moment of lost sleep, worry, and frustration. The most recent development is congestion....all three of us have had it but Ben's has been the most worrisome. We have been suctioning him, using saline nose drops, and Brad even made a 5 am run to the store for a humidifier this morning. In more positive news, Ben gained 10 oz from last Friday to this Friday and has now graduated from the lactation consultant! Yeah! I am now permitted to drive so I am going to wrap up our Christmas shopping on Monday. Brad will have his first round of solo baby care and I have plenty of confidence in him....I will probably be worried sick regardless during my time away though! Another point of interest, I invested $35 in a "hands-free" breast pump corset...and yes it looks as hilarious as you are imagining but it is GREAT! I can eat a meal, or answer my phone, or BLOG while pumping (yep, you guessed it! This is a multi-tasking entry!). Hopefully I can also finish our Christmas cards to mail out on Monday so they actually get to people by Christmas. I would skip them all together this year but it is the perfect opportunity to spread the news, and even some pics, of Ben's arrival! We are certainly feeling blessed this year for the holidays!


Candi B. said...

Definitly invest in a car adapter for your pump. I have one and I do it all the time. Now if I could just figure out the pump/drive combo!