Sunday, December 14, 2008

On our own...gulp...

My mom left tonight. Brad and I are officially on our own w/ Baby Ben. We have been doing most of his care the last few days w/ mom doing mercy diaper changes occasionally and feeding us regularly. That's the part I'll miss...homemade food, the 'dish fairy' loading and unloading the dishwasher, and reassurance that we are doing things 'right'. The thought of getting up, feeding Ben, changing him, getting myself showered and dressed, making breakfast, straightening the house for first family pictures at noon (an old coworker of Brad's is coming up from Louisville to photograph us in our home) and making sure the nursery is picture ready seems a little daunting right now. I'm sure we will be fine but it was nice having mom as a back up. I'm very glad she was able to spend this week w/ us...especially since we don't live close enough for daily or even weekly visits.

This week has gone well over all and our confidence as new parents is increasing a little....not much but a little. I only cried once over the baby this week and that was because I used a new thermometer to take his temp and it said 103.1 !! It turned out to be a defective thermometer because every time I took his temp (and mine) I got a different number....I threw it away to avoid future scares but the thought of him being ill or hurt is just too much for me! I love him tremendously!!

About the pic......My older bro, Chad, was supposed to pick up my mom yesterday however just before they walked out the door Lilly, my 5 yr old niece, fell sliding around in dress shoes in their kitchen and had to be taken to the hospital for stitches in her chin. So today my younger bro, Justin, drove up w/ Colton, my nephew, to take mom is Colton holding Ben. He really likes his cousin, showing him his boots and checking out Ben's tiny hands.


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a few days now...(thanks to Jenn for sending me the link!). Ben is so precious. I love the hair. You are a wonderful mother. You and Brad will do great on your own. So you are celebrating Ben's 1 month birthday at Maggiano's, right?!?!?