Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tagged Again.....

I feel tremendously guilty. I haven't posted in more than 3 weeks. I really have intended to post on several 2 weeks ago for both 29 weeks pg AND Papa Bear's, aka Brad's, 30th Birthday. The thing is that he got suddenly and violently sick midday on his 30th bday, coming home and staying in bed from 2 pm on the 3rd through midday on Sunday the 5th. And I had to take care of him......also my mom came up that weekend and we made 2 baby's one (the one I completed most of....)

I almost forgot that after my last entry BUT before the bday/blanket making weekend (and I do realize it is pathetic that I don't even have a pic of Brad w/ his bday cake but it was delayed to Sunday evening after his bday bc of all the vomiting before..ewww....) nephew Colton had his second bday celebration on Saturday Sept 27th and here is a pic of him enjoying his gift bag as much as his gift..

One of our cats..."Kitty" (Miss Kitty if you're nasty...LOL), also got a bath and a scary hair cut related to negligent parenting on our part (she had a 4"x4" hair mat right on her back which we cut out and then continued to cut all her other hair to 'even things out'. In order to protect her pride, I will only post a pic of her much loathed bath..
Lastly on the updating front (from weeks past), my BFF (LOL) Jenn and her mom hosted a fabulous baby shower for me in Louisville w/ family and friends I don't get to see nearly often enough! We got a ridiculous amount of baby goods including mounds of diapers, wipes, and clothes AND our stroller, car seat, and highchair! Baby boy is going to enter the world in style! Thanks to all!! Especially my gracious hostesses! :) Here is a pic of me, my mom, and my nephew Colton (who crashed the party along w/ my younger bro Justin).....alas it is one of the only pics from my camera from the party (hint hint I need more pics from those snapping them w/ their cameras)....

Ok, ok so on to the tagging......I was tagged by Kathy (a fellow blogger and friend) to post 7 wierd, and little known facts about goes.....
  1. I am simultaneously an obsessive perfectionist AND procrastinator.....this does not jive well. I can often be found cleaning furiously or baking 10 things all at once at midnight the night before some big event...BUT love hosting get togethers. WTF??
  2. I love to bake! And cook for that matter...and not all of my creations come out well. Especially if you are victim to one of my newly thought out concoctions or other never before tried recipes.....I am the resident bday cake baker at work. Days or even weeks before their special day, my co-workers can be found sheepishly begging for their favorite bday cake dreams.....LOL. And of course modesty is my best quality...just ask me! Really truly this is one of the only talents I will own up to!!
  3. I love dishes! I have to restrain myself from buying them. Especially if I happen to stop into an antique shop or flea market. I own like 6 cake stands! And I know I seem cake-obsessed but honestly it is a take it or leave it dessert for me!
  4. I love tea! Of all kinds...served hot or cold. Being preg has put a damper on my tea drinking although I still have 1 glass of full octane sweet tea daily as well as a decaf hot tea in the a.m. Yum-o!
  5. I am terminally clumsy! I can trip over air! I have a number of scars to prove it! I think I have depth perception issues or something! I have a lovely roller skating related chin scar where I had stitches, a discolored area on the back of my left calf where I wiped put on the hardwood floor while running upstairs to turn off the tub I was sure I had overflown, and a misshapen thumb from a vegetable mandolin incident the weekend before new years this year where I cut off part of it and , despite the plastic wrap and ice, the detached piece was not rejoined w/ my hand!!
  6. I love all music and listen to it constantly. I am especially obsessed w/ Christmas music and wonder if Oct is too early to break it out...I think not since it is very cold outside today!! :)
  7. I think my husband is the hottest man alive! Maybe that's not so wierd but I mean it. He is aging like a fine wine! I think he will be even be more-so by the time he hits 40!

Ok people that's all I have for now! I will post a 31 weeks update and pic possibly later today. We are headed to a market in Cincinnati where they have all kinds of good eats, hopefully some heirloom pumpkins for my front porch, and some veggies for this weeks suppers! :)