Wednesday, August 20, 2008

23 weeks

I had a doctor's appt and u/s today. The u/s was first and I was very excited to see our little boy (and yes they double checked....still a boy...LOL). [I realize this is possibly the WORST photo ever but i used my low tech scanner...aka camera to take a pic of really bad u/s prints]. The u/s tech was not exactly Miss Personality but she told us and showed us the bare minimum....Baby Boy's heart looked great, he has all his appendages, and he is growing appropriately. I couldn't help but smile w/ tears welling up in my eyes just seeing him on the screen. We are quite taken w/ him already....Brad must have squeezed my arm 2 dozen times during the 5 or 10 minutes u/s! :) Later, during the doctor's appt we discovered that he is 1 lb 6 oz....right on par per the doc and some of my readings.

This particular doc, Dr. J, makes the second in this OB group that I would rather not deliver my baby! She came in the exam room w/o ever making eye contact or introducing herself, told me my BP, urine, and weight looked fine, ask if we were having 1 baby or 2 (hello?? you are holding my chart!!!) and turned to leave. I had to stop her to express my concern for the dizziness a couple of days ago (and inform her that it had also happened a couple of weeks ago) and she said well that sounds like an inner ear problem you'll have to go see your GP (general practitioner). Considering I have never had trouble w/ that before and that PREGNANCY is the number one NEW medical condition I have, I though perhaps those two things might have been related. Naturally, I did not say that to her but........ I know, I know whining is for sissies! ;)

So feeling reassured about Baby Boy looking good but still a little worried about the on again off again dizziness. Oh well. I'll live. In the mean time, I'm enjoying WillorBen's inner aerobics....he is one busy boy!

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------Mark Twain