Tuesday, August 19, 2008

22 weeks:Showered w/ Love!

Last Thursday was the 22 week mark in my pregnancy. I was busy packing for our trip to Memphis and making boarding arrangements for dear Henry. We left for Memphis Friday morning, picking up my mom on the route through Louisville to join us for our very first baby shower! We were truly showered w/ love by Brad's family! Brad and I were overwhelmed by the generous gifts and warm anticipation of "Will-or-Ben"'s arrival. :) That is the new running joke in the Cathey family. In case I haven't mention it before, Will and Ben are the two top name contenders for the impending boy. Actually, William Edward (Edward was my dad's middle name) and Benjamin Phillip (Phillip is Brad's dad's middle name). Apparently their first names didn't make the cut for consideration....Ralph and Norman! :) But until we lay eyes on Baby Cathey all bets are off. He may look like a Julio.

So at 22 weeks, Baby Boy is almost a pound and around 11 inches long! He is supposed to look like a miniature newborn by this point! WOW! He is starting to develop tooth buds and is covered w/ deeply wrinkled skin that is still awaiting a padding of fat to fill it out. Baby Boy has also been doing some serious inter-womb kung-fu and I am now feeling him move around all day, not just at night.

Meanwhile back at the uterus, I am feeling DIZZY! Ugh! Last night and today I have been feeling nauseous and dizzy almost like vertigo or , dare I say, like a night of drinking ! LOL! I assure you that baby and I have not been hitting the sauce. I am headed to the doc tomorrow (no I didn't go last week...Brad had a scheduling conflict) so I will mention it and report back on it's significance if any. Also I get to have the u/s tomorrow so I will post an updated pic (or two) of Baby Boy.

Big thanks to Brad's family, as well as my mom and BFF Jenn. :) We love you guys!

Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of a joy
you must have somebody to divide it with.
----Mark Twain


Candi B. said...

We had our 1st shower a couple weeks ago...LOVED it!! Aren't they just a blast?!