Monday, August 11, 2008

21 weeks: Carrot

I am 21 weeks pregnant as of this past Thursday. I have been very busy this past weekend, and traveled to Louisville (my home town) to babysit my nieces while my brother and SIL finished the last leg of their cruise. Last week I also picked green beans for 2 hours with some girls I work with; something I haven't done since I was a little kid at my grandparents house! Now, Monday, I find myself w/ a lovely head cold that started out as allergy-like symptoms at the end of last week and has progressed to full on sore throat and body aches despite taking the medications I'm allowed (Tylenol and Sudafed). So I stayed home from work in an attempt to get some rest and get over my summer head cold before my shower next weekend.

Onto Baby Boy! He is now about the size of a carrot! According to all my readings, he is between 7.5 and 10 inches long, and weighs between 10.5 and 12 oz. His movements are supposed to be getting more noticeable (definitely true, especially at night!). His eye lids and eye brows are present and even though his eye lids are still fused shut they have started to blink. His eye brows and hair (if he has any) are now white and very short and he has an overall lanugo covering. Baby Boy's testes are starting to descend from his pelvis, though that won't be complete until close to his birth. His digestive tract is continuing to develop and his small intestines are starting to absorb sugars.

Meanwhile back at the uterus, I am to expect swollen hands and feet (I have had a little especially if I am hanging out in the heat on my feet for a long time). Additionally, this is the time when varicose and spider veins appear. Fortunately I haven't had any varicose veins however I do have some spider veins on my legs but my readings say those usually go away after delivery. Both are dad thanks for the spider veins. I have managed to dodge pregnancy acne but I am still waiting for that boost of energy and pregnancy bliss everyone eludes to in the second trimester! On a positive note, I love feeling the baby move at night! I even felt him startle when I squatted down suddenly to get something off the floor. I had to laugh. Apparently he doesn't like to be squished!

Brad and I are happily chugging along. I was away from him all weekend and missed him terribly, especially at night (spooning is actually quite therapeutic for the pregnant back while sleeping!). There was a lot of hugging and kissing when I got home last night and the bump (aka the impending boy) was not left out. We are excitedly awaiting my OB appt this Wednesday because we get to see Baby Boy again via another u/s!

I believe in a kind of love that brings sailors home from the sea. Made up of seconds and years and the nospace between hands on skin. I cannot believe how much goes on. I can't even cut out enough red hearts to keep up.
-- Sarah Mimnaugh


Jenn said...

I can't wait to see more pictures of baby C!! What time is your appointment?

I loved dinner Friday! We should do that again next month! Maybe the Cuban place? Ask Baby C if that sounds yummy to him... :)