Thursday, April 24, 2008

Week 6: Lentil (s)

I am 6 weeks pg. Baby (s) Cathey is now the size of a lentil bean. The nose, mouth, and ears are starting to take shape. There are dark spots starting to form that will become the eyes and nostrils. Depressions on either side of the head mark emerging ears and protruding buds represent growing arms and legs. A beating heart bulge is present with a rapid rate of 100-160 BPM! Awww! That heart is beginning to divide into left and right chambers.

Baby Mama is doing well! I am still extra tired but I've figured out how to avoid hugging the meat for me! (Don't worry I'm getting plenty of dairy and plant protein.) I am going to bed at the same time as preschoolers and the housework is...well.....thank God for weekends, I may redeem myself then. I am currently working with 4 other pg girls!!!!! So, our non-pg co-workers are up to their eyeballs in estrogen! Now, just biding my time until next Wednesday for the first u/s! Can't wait to find out how many little 'beans' are in there, 1 or 2! Still saying lots of prayers, and soliciting more prayers from you guys, for a nice strong heart beat...or two!

It is difficult to say what is impossible,
for the dream of yesterday
is the hope
of today and the reality of tomorrow.

-- Robert H. Goddard.


alicia said...

prayers are headed your way for some nice sounding heartbeats!

Darrell Mattingly said...

Great Blog, Lauren...please stay in touch