Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feelin' Lucky, Punk?

We are enjoying loads of rain here in the greater Cincinnati area. Ok maybe I use that phrase a little loosely. But, regardless, rain or shine, we headed to the fertility doc this afternoon. I had blood drawn without incident (although Brad did give me his fake fainting face behind the nurse's head which is not that amusing once you've seen the real thing--good opportunity for me to practice my stern mom face while mouthing "stop-it").

We were then escorted to the exam room and got to play scratch-off, pocket trivial pursuit (thank you Jennifer) for about 10 minutes while we waited for Dr. S. BTW, love Dr. S. He is overly nice, very smiley. Has pics of his 3 daughters on his desk. He has done about half of my IUI's as well as my HSG and exploratory lap. He knows me pretty well; strike that, he knows my reproductive system pretty well. So, enter Dr. S. ; he checks the follicles and finds only 7. Hmph. I am a little disappointed. When we did some of our IUI's we had 11 and 13. But gotta be upbeat. Lucky number seven, right? Only need 2 decent embryos from those 7 "eggs" to have a good run at IVF. Am all smiles again, thinking about my lucky little seven. We go back on Saturday morning for more b/w and another u/s to see how things are progressing. In the meantime, it's Menopur belly shots for me until Friday then I get to have the Menopur shot plus Ganirelix shot for 4 days! Seriously?? That's ok. I'm feeling lucky. I got my clovers (yep, still alive) and my lucky 7. Just need a leprechaun, a horseshoe, a rabbits foot.......


Jennifer said...

You need one more egg in that picture! :) Lucky number seven!!! Hey, in craps that's a winning roll, right?? :) Stay positive!!!!!!!!! :)