Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost Christmas....

Ben has the present opening thing down pat so bring it on Santa (and as you can see we will be phasing out some of his many existing toys...yes the ones that have taken over our console table and living room...)

Ben loves his dada!

...and of course the feeling is mutual.... family members will recognize this as classic "crawly fox" in "here comes crawly fox, here comes crawly fox...get him, get him, get him!!" (imagine tickling under the chin). Surely my dad is smiling down on us from heaven right now!

This is farbender...not to be confused with crawly fox. Farbender involves starting with the forehead and working your way down to the each facial feature a funny name and until you reach "chin chiller" as seen here. This is my favorite. He always tucks his chin and shies away and then throws his head back again so you can tickle under his chin over and over. Adorable! What can I say, a lot of tickling went on in the Snepp household when I was growing up....rumor is that members of the Cathey household were sometimes tickled til they wet their pants....the 80's were tough times....but I digress.....