Thursday, October 8, 2009

Perpetual Illness.....

Eating these days is a messy affair. Please notice that the highchair has been stripped down to its bare plastic because its cover was just too icky! I think it was a gross oversight on the highchair makers part to make the cover "spot clean surface only" vs. machine washable....clearly these people have never met Ben.

This lovely cake was for Brad's bday & it was AWESOME even if I did make it myself. I am the queen of 'doctoring up' cake mixes. This one involved sour cream & melt margarine! And the pseudo-ganache was store bought frosting mixed w/ semi-sweet chocolate chips I melted in the microwave! Truly worth all the extra workout sessions.

This is Brad's favorite Ben-ism come lately. We have a mesh baby gate at the single step from our kitchen into our family room and Ben loves to press his face against it...mouth open...drooling..

Today, unfortunately, this little guy is sick...again. Here he is sacked out on a blanket in the family room floor....notice the pillow to prop him up & prevent him from drowning in his own mucus. Seriously people how can a child this small produce so much mucus. Last night I had to suction him w/ the dreaded green bulb THREE times. And I no longer enjoy the 12:30, 3:30, 5 am wake up calls of his newborn times. I thought we were past that??! Anyhow, we are heading to the Pediatrician this afternoon. I'll keep you updated on his status!


Candi said...

we have the same high chair. throw it in the wash...i do it once or twice a week.