Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Little Monkey

Brad, Ben, & I went to the Cincinnati Zoo for the bi-annual IRH picnic. The picnic was to celebrate all the children born thanks to the handy work of IRH's doctors and ART staff. We find ourselves especially thankful for those gifted peeps about now. See the above pic of our ART-produced, love child.

This "tree" is in fact in the gift shop @ the Cincy Zoo where we were warming ourselves before the picnic, which was held outdoors in 47 degree weather. Nice.

Ok enough already you say....too bad.....

I should also mention that both Ben & I have sinus infections w/ ear infections. Both taking the same antibiotic. Needless to say, we did not stay long at this outdoor shindig.

Meet our beloved, fertility doctors.....

Dr. S is the one on the left holding the mic, thanking us for our loads of money...I mean patience and perseverance during all our treatments to achieve parenthood. Dr. A is the one striking a pose in his yellow sweater. Dr. A is also the one who made the magic happen for us because Dr. S took his daughters on spring break the week of our IVF egg retrieval, ICSI, & implantation. Go Dr. A!

The uncomfortable look I have is related to the extreme cold I assure you.This is the least intimate contact I've ever had w/ Dr. A (LOL).

Please note that this is not in fact my husband but actually another couple (Greg & Amy) pictured here w/ Ben , Dr. S, & I. We met this couple at our prenatal classes at the hospital where we delivered. Coincidentally, Greg & Amy also did IVF through IRH. Their little boy, Niko, was due exactly 1 month before Ben but because he was late and Ben was early, they are actually only about 2 wks apart. I think Niko outweighs Ben by a couple lbs though!

Just to prove we were at the zoo here are the lions....
and below is a pic of Ben riding a rhino statue.

In other monkey news, Ben got his first buzz cut tonight thanks to daddy. It is VERY short and very blonde (I know its hard to tell w/ his hair wet).

Straight out of the 1950's, Ben is sporting his buzz & some cowboy print, old school flannel PJ's (it always pays to get your nephews cute clothes that can later be passed on to your child *wink* Just kidding guys...Ben wasn't even a glimmer in our eyes when we bought these PJ's for Trey).

Good night all! :)


Jenn said...

Is Monkey Ben going trick or treating on Saturday? I LOVE his costume and his haircut! :)