Monday, May 18, 2009

Give Peas a Chance...

Nothing exciting is going on w/ us right now. Ben is continuing to try new foods. He is quite smitten w/ bananas. Tonight we tried peas but, while he clearly liked their sweet taste, he was a little unsure of their texture....perhaps his mom should buy a decent sieve. If I haven't explained our baby food factory yet, let me clue you in that the Babycook rocks at steaming and pureeing and I have been filling up lidded ice cube trays w/ the purees for later use. After freezing the purees over night, I pop them out into freezer bags so we have individually portioned nuggets of goodness at a moments notice. It is working out well.

Also we received our first installment from the CSA farm this afternoon. It was a light load because it is so early in the season. We got baby salad greens, green onions, and fresh sage. Tomorrow night we will be enjoying a bright salad w/ our grilled burgers. I also bought chicken at the grocery store today so I'm hoping to somehow pair the sage w/ it, but will have to do an online search for a decent recipe. I am open to suggestions if anyone has any. And so is our domestic life. Shampoo, rinse, and repeat.