Monday, April 6, 2009

4-month Doctor's Appt...

Believe it or not this is Ben just a minute or two after his 4-month shots. But, when put in his car seat he resumed his wounded animal howling so I know that he was not enjoying the experience. Dr. V said he was doing perfectly well. He weighs 15 lbs, 10 oz (66th percentile) and he is 25.5 inches long (71th percentile). He was all smiles, grabbing at the doc's stethoscope & fingers & drooling all over his Buddha belly. I asked the doc about starting solids & she said the most recent studies have show that waiting until closer to 6 months decreases the odds of developing a food allergy (which I've been reading about also). She said I definitely want to wait until I feel like my milk supply has bounced back (did I mention that I thought it was decreasing? Probably a combination of only pumping 2 times instead of 3 at work & then Ben was sick a couple weeks frozen supply was completely gone except what I'd pump the day before I needed it so we were having to supplement with formula @ daycare 1-2 bottles/day. My frozen supply is slowly picking back up again.). She also said for us to use our judgement when we thought he was ready to start solids based on his interest when we eat. He is definitely watching us eat now. Dr. V said that with his great head control that he should be ready soon. As a follow-up to my dairy dilemma, I am now eating cheese and yogurt again regularly and occasionally splurging on ice cream & Ben seems to be doing fine. I may try reintroducing drinking milk when he is 6-months old to see if his system is fully functioning, but for now soy & rice milk are acceptale solutions.

Ok. As my parting gift to you, here is a pic of Ben sporting a faux-hawk yesterday before his bath. What a little ham.