Thursday, January 8, 2009

It was a scratch....not a pick.... was just a scratch...LOL.

Isn't he adorable? He still has lots of hair but less
than when he was born and it seems to be getting
a little lighter. He is holding our gazes for longer
periods of time and smiling w/ seeming intent.
Very endearing! Love him!

BTW, I had my f/u OB/GYN appt yesterday. Apparently I'm healing nicely. I've gotten the ok to resume sexual activity...haha I felt the collective groan and cringe of those who really didn't want to know that....sorry. To contribute to your discomfort I have another "TMI" story for you about the doc appt.....So I didn't think to ask Brad to accompany me to this appt....and I had to, of course, take Ben w/ me. Things timed out just wrong. He was due to nurse just about the time of my appt. So I brought a breast milk bottle, but only a 2 oz'er which was not enough to satisfy him. By the time the nurse had taken my BP and weight (down 28 out of 42 lbs...the nurse commented on the extreme amount of edema I had had the last few weeks of my pregnancy) and lead me to an exam room, Ben had poo'd and become unavoidably irritated. I was already undressed from the waist down (as instructed by the nurse) when I was forced to pick Ben up from his carrier and change him on the exam table where I was meant to be sitting. He was screaming bloody murder the whole time, having nothing to do w/ the pathetic little binky I was attempting to shove in his mouth. I just kept thinking I had to hurry before the doc came in....and then there was the knock and simultaneous door opening. Nice. Real nice. So there I was standing half naked in all my glory, changing Ben's diaper. I tried to act casual but I could feel the crimson rising up from my neck to scalp. Just my luck. If I had had any questions for the doc before you could forget about that. So I had a quick exam. Got a new script for prenatal vitamins (necessary since I am breast feeding). Fortunately, the doc I saw, the one who delivered Ben, is not my regular doc and I have no reason to see him again excepting another delivery in which he could potentially deliver. Thank God. Silly to be worry that the doc who pried my baby out of my body w/ forceps should see me naked. Oh well. So is my neurosis. Lovely. Come May when I am due for my annual exam...Brad will be accompanying me.

Anyhow, Ben and I will be hitting the gym again today. Hopefully he will be as cooperative as he was last time....hopefully I will be able to push myself more than 27 minutes! Ha!


Candi B. said...

OMG...the nurse had to feed carter at my exam because i was busy getting my IUD...real ironic!