Saturday, January 10, 2009

5 weeks old

Ben is officially 5 weeks old today! I can't believe how fast he is growing. He had his 1 month pediatrician's appt Friday. He has done some serious growing since his last appt 2 weeks ago! He is now 22.5" long (73rd percentile) and 9 lbs 15 oz (50th percentile). So I am feeling pretty good about his intake from breast feeding. I did ask the doc about his gooey eye but there was no concern, just a clogged tear duct from being born. I also asked about his fussiness and need to feed at a constant rate some nights w/ spittiness and a gassy belly....she said it could be reflux but she is not concerned right now. If it keeps up then I will have to cut back on my milk intake (cows milk ingested by mom can cause belly aches in nursing babies who lack enzymes to digest cows milk). She also informed me that Ben has some fluid on his right testicle! Ugh! She said that unless it got worse they wouldn't do anything. If it does get worse then he might have to have a minor surgical procedure to close off the area in the abdomen that is 'leaking' into the scrotum. Lovely. I'm already a worry wart! Upon examination when we got home, I could see the edema but its pretty mild. My poor boy! I hope it isn't painful!
This is a pic of Ben in his crib for the second time ever. He has only napped in there, no over night stays. We are taking it slow on that front. We, and by we I mean "I", just started letting him wake up on his own in the night for feedings vs being woken up at the 3 hr mark. We have done that for the past 2 nights and I am pleased to say that I have had the pleasure of enjoying 4 hrs of sleep at a stretch 1 of those 2 nights! Honestly, I kept waking up to check on him last night and finally got him up just after 3 hrs because I couldn't go back to sleep...he has me well trained!
I realized that I hadn't ever posted updated pics of the nursery in it's nearly completed state so here they are. We are still lacking a changer/dresser. We got a dresser from a friend but still need to paint it. In the mean time, his crib has been used for changing diapers more than sleeping! :)
I finally got my nursing chair! I ordered it before Christmas and it arrived on Wednesday. I love it! Thank you Phil and Jane....this is what I bought w/ my Christmas money! ;)

Ok for any of you who are squeamish about breast feeding...skip the next pic...hahaha!

Ben is a good nurser! We have worked out all the nursing kinks and have the routine down pat. I am also pumping once a day to start my frozen store for my return to work next month. I am not looking forward to pumping at work several times a day. Wish me luck on that front!

Brad, Ben, and I are going to enjoy a uneventful weekend at home together. I think I may take Ben on his first road trip on Monday to pick up his pictures from Brad's friend, Robin, the photographer who came out to our house last month to take some artsy shots. We will stop to visit my mom and then head back probably. I'm a little nervous because it is about an hour and a half to Louisville but we've gotta try it some time! Ok, off to make dinner...I am quite the domestic goddess these days....I have been making dinner EVERY night....big change from our pre-baby routine. I'm sure this will help both the budget and the post-natal waist line. ;)


Jenn said...

and me and me!!! Don't forget to stop by and see meeeeeeeeee! :)

J.M. Martin said...

This is probably silly of me to point out these trivial details, but we have the same glider and same baby bathtub as you guys. Weird.

Ben's awesome.