Friday, November 14, 2008

35 weeks

Exhaustion should be the theme of week 35. :) I have given up sleeping. I'm achy. I have the hips of an 80 y.o. woman. I am currently sitting at the island in my kitchen feeding the dog left-over waffles from dinner...yep I had waffles for dinner. Brad wanted some sort of Mexican-themed dinner but since I had heartburn this morning after eating a blueberry Eggo waffle and apple sauce, I thought Mexican was perhaps not a wise move. So he went out for tacos for himself and a gallon of milk for me. Here is a cute pic of him instead of me from this evening.

In other news, I went to the OB on Wednesday and the doc said I'm doing just fine. My cervix is soft but not dilated. I was swabbed for news is good news and since I haven't heard back from the office I assume that culture was negative. According to my readings, baby boy is pushing 5 1/4 pounds and 18 inches long. He is running out of room to move around but still kicking me like it's his job. His kidney's are fully developed and his liver is processing waste now... the coming is month is primarily for weight gain and complete lung development.

Meanwhile back at the uterus, I am supposed to be having frequent urination (check), heartburn (check), and "gastrointestinal distress" (check...LOL). Plus I am enjoying a general achy/crampy pelvic area, which the OB confirmed was normal, and edema in my ankles and feet despite my, less than religious, wearing of the sexy compression stockings (insert cat call and wolf whistle). This weekend we are supposed to attend a first time parents class/orientation for our pediatrician's office and head to Hodgenville, KY (2.5 hours away and birthplace of Abe Lincoln) to join in a Thanksgiving celebration w/ my extended family @ my g-ma's nursing home. This is my last trip over 1 hour until after baby boy arrives.....per OB advice. Monday it's back to the OB office for my now weekly visit. The OB mentioned that most first babies arrive around 1 week late. Prepare yourselves for a Christmas baby folks. I do love Christmas......

P.S. I received 3 surprise gifts from some of the nurses, social workers, and recreational therapists that I work w/ after one of my morning meetings!! Baby boy added to his stylish wardrobe w/ some 3 months and up clothes (yeah! he won't be naked after he outgrows his newborn stuff!!), not to mention a beautiful picture frame, wipes, baby wash, lotion, and socks! Thanks again to all! :)


Jenn said...

Yay for surprise gifts! :)

And posting cute pictures of your husband does not get you off the hook. We still want to see baby belly pictures! (Your belly, not Brad's that is.)

At night as part of the bedtime routine we've been listing all the people that we love and that love us. Thought you'd find it humorous that 'Enry (as Nate says) is third on Nate's list.

-Jenn & Nate

Lauren said...

I love it. I'm sure Henry does love Nate too. 'Bat' didn't make the list?

Jenn said...

Update... last night "Bat" was #1 on Nate's who we love list.