Sunday, June 22, 2008

Showers in the forecast......

I just received news this weekend that we will be honored w/ a baby shower in August in Memphis by my in-laws. Quite a feat of coordination since lots of people are traveling from afar (including us!). I am very grateful and excited! Guess its time to actually consider what supplies it takes to care for a baby. I am open to suggestions as to people's favorite or must have baby care items! And let me in on the useless, don't bother items too!


Lauren said...

While NO ONE responded online, I have gotten a lot of advice on what to buy for baby and what to skip. Here are some of the must haves that I have been advised of.....
1. Medela or Ameda breast pump.
2. Wipe warmer
3. Either a comfy chair in baby's room worthy of sleeping in OR a pack-n-play or co-sleeper for night time breast feeding.
4. Playtex advent bottles, Born-free bottles, Dr. Brown's bottles.....very conflicting info here...
5. Humidifier
6. Small and large diaper bags for daily use and travel.
7. All-in-one cloth diapers
8. A baby sling/carrier
Items recommended to skip...
1. Sterilizer
2. Wipe warmer! LOL! More conflicting advice!
3. Cloth diapers...the conflicts mount!
4. Baby powder....apparently not very popular any more.

I still welcome more suggestions. I will probably register in about a month so lay it on me!