Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Cathey family of 3 + one on the way

Hmm, so it's been a while. Ben is now 3 and a half.
Life is busy and time flies. Ben is full of energy and a complete joy to have around. He is so verbose and never fails to entertain us with his elaborate explanations of how the world works. He will always be my favorite boy in the world!

Our little family is growing. We found out in April that I am pregnant and
without any assistance. A surprise baby. A 'free' baby.

We are very excited to be expecting a baby girl who is due December 16th. I hope to start updating this blog on a regular basis again to keep all our family and friends 'in the loop'.

 “May God grant you always...A sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you. Laughter to cheer you. Faithful friends near you. And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you.”     -----Irish Blessing