Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What you've been missing......

Remember this guy?

What? Like you've never ridden a
horse in your underwear? ;)

This is his 'Christmas Story' look
w/ 20 layers. This was after our
previous decent snow in January.

Happy Birthday to Jenn!


Karla & Hayes (and apparently baby number 2
was already in the oven in this picture)

A couple of good looking guys. ;)

Insanely adorable!

Belated Christmas party....in JANUARY! Big fun!!

OMG! When did the climbing start?
And most importantly, when will
it end?

I love this picture! See even the cartoon character
is concerned about all this climbing!

Ben's emotional range is astounding.

More climbing....

And now we come to the current, UNRELENTING snow.


Candi said...

just when you think he can't get any cuter!!!!!!!