Monday, May 4, 2009

Out on the Town with Louisiana Guerrilla

Saturday night, Derby Day in fact, Brad and I had our first adult night out on the town in the lovely city of Cincinnati. We even hired a babysitter for the first time (Megan, and she is actually one of Ben's daycare teachers so a little less stressful for me). I can't say that it was a romantic evening. In fact, we went to see a couple of Brad's friends, and former DeadLuck band mates, perform at Stanley's Pub. Nathan Self is the front man (vocals, guitar) for Louisiana Guerrilla, his brain child, and Josh Anders is laying down the rhythm (drums) for live performances on their tour. (That's Nathan in the above pic...sorry Josh the giant pillar prevented me from capturing your mug). Check them out if you get a chance, here is the Louisiana Guerrilla's MySpace page. We had a great time, although I bailed in time to relieve the babysitter around midnight [don't worry Brad got a few more hours of guy time to chat it up with Nathan and Josh and listen to Athens which were very interesting & a another band (sorry I was gone when they came on) that played the electric ukulele]. Overall, fun indeed. Wouldn't mind checking out the eclectic music mix at Stanley's again. Rock on!