Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was my first Mother's Day! I am very thankful for our little boy! He was well worth the wait! I enjoyed a beautiful spring day with lots of sunshine and a nice breeze. Ben and I took a 2 mile (ish) walk with Henry around the lake and up and down the hills of our neighborhood. Brad spent most of the day cutting the grass, which has been growing out of control with all the rain and warm weather.

We ate dinner at home and Ben and I did laundry! Overall, uneventful but nice. I spent my day being a mom. Love it!
(See how helpful Ben was with the laundry.........
he makes plenty of dirty things that need to be washed!)

P.S. We had to take Ben to the Pedi on Friday afternoon at the urging of his daycare because he had been spitting up so much. Turns out they thought he had a run of the mill case of hypochondriac, first-time parents syndrome, ie: nothing. In our defense, he had 7 looser than normal, mutant slime poo's yesterday and at least 4 of them today. No fever so I guess he will live.


Jenn said...

I love Ben in a basket. :) He seems to really enjoy doing laundry, send him to my house! :)