Monday, December 29, 2008

On our own, part 2....Brad returns to work...

Ok so Brad's "paternity" leave is now over. He returned to work this morning. Ben and I have fared better than I anticipated. He is eating more frequently now; he is filling out around the ribs and legs. I had been forewarned by many sources that he would begin eating more around this time. They warned me not to be alarmed that something had suddenly happened to my milk supply, making it inadequate somehow. Considering I have to wear breast pads full time to prevent wet shirts and often watch pools of the white stuff rolling out of Ben's mouth as he falls asleep on the job, I think the warning turned out to be unnecessary. Still at every 2 hours last night, the feedings are a little exhausting at times. I was considerate enough not to nudge Brad for middle of the night diaper duty since today would be his first day back at work.

Ben and I have had a pretty uneventful day. I gave him a bath, fed him numerous times, and managed to do some household chores as well. As I type, the dishwasher and washer/dryer are going and the kitchen has been restored to order. I even started the book Twilight (my mom left it for me when she stayed the first week) and it is an easy doubt intended for teens not 30-somethng year old women but anything more complex might be wasted on me these days. I managed a nap while Ben slept early so all and all I think our first day as a duo went quite smoothly. If disaster strikes before Brad gets home, I'll be sure to update you....


janecathey said...

I am thankful that Benjamin is such a good baby and doesn't cry all the time. Guess he inherited good tummies from his parents -- all that Mexican food paid off.

We can't wait to see him again and hold him. Now if the weather will cooperate in about mid-January, we'll get our chance.
Love you,
Nana & Poppy