Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve.....

To celebrate Christmas Eve, I read a couple of books to Ben.
Both of these were gifts from my friend Tracy.

In honor of Poppy (Brad's dad), I thought I'd post a pic
of Ben in his grandpa themed t-shirt! How adorable! :)

I couldn't resist taking a pic of his tiny little feet. And his frog face as he slept....

The news for today is that no matter how much I feed him he is not satisfied.
I feel like a human pacifier! Let us hope tomorrow is a less demanding day.


Amy said...

Oh Lauren, he is so so sweet! Great job with the BFing! I know that he might never seem satisfied, but just stick with it! Holden was the same way and I swear that's all I did for those first weeks. As you know, the continual hunger doesn't mean he's not satisfied by your milk---it just means he likes it and wants more so he can keep growing! Good work!