Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Belated 19 weeks.....

Wow! This week has been disastrously busy and I have nearly missed updating the blog re: week 19. I was occupied everyday until today. Last Friday, I was the DD for a group of friends (and Brad) where we had dinner at a German restaurant and brewery. We stood and danced on benches to the vocal stylings of an electric accordion player and his yodeling female companion. Followed by a visit to a club (yes baby went to the club....and danced....and generally helped mom look like an odd ball toting a baby bump in this location). Then Saturday I went to Louisville and had an incredible prenatal massage (my birthday present from Brad that I had to wait a long time to enjoy bc of the popularity of the salon/spa). Registered at Target. Then picked up my nieces bc my older brother had to go to the ER for a worseningly swollen knee that resulted in hospitalization on Sunday (where he still is). Monday I had to drive BACK to Louisville to pay a speeding ticket.....10 over in a residential the bottom of a hill where I was coasting....but I digress. Yesterday, Brad and I celebrated a co-worker's b-day followed by shopping for new work clothes for Brad! Whew! Today when I got home I had to take a nap bc I was completely exhausted from all the running around!

So, btw, during week 19, Baby Boy is around 5.5 to 6 inches long, crown to rump and weighs between 7-8 oz. Eyebrows are starting to form and by week 20 baby's hair and eyebrows should be visible! He is supposed to be sleeping and waking as much as a newborn. I have to say that I am feeling him move much more often, especially when I am lying still (i.e. trying to sleep!). Brad has even gotten to feel the baby move once from the outside!

Meanwhile, back at the uterus, dizziness is to be expected and I have experienced it off and on lately. I have been trying to drink lots of fluids to prevent hypotension. Unfortunately with my job, I do a lot of squatting and bending in front of patients so those quick position changes still get me. I have already gotten my first pregnancy stretch mark on my left breast!!! Despite my slow weight gain (about 8-10 so far) and constant lotion, coco butter, and body oil application, the 'girls' have grown rapidly and obscenely so I guess the mar is to be expected. No whining, it's worth it! I definitely have the maternal look of a gal meant to feed will certainly be a waste if they don't function as well as they appear! LOL! I am amazed that I am approaching the 5 month mark and looking forward more and more to meeting our little baby boy! Patience!

P.S. Chad, my older brother, is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow (Thursday). He is also slotted to go on a week long cruise to celebrate his anniversary this next Saturday! Whew! He and my SIL (Danielle) have been sweating the prospect of missing their much awaited trip! I have been sending him lots of prayers for a speedy recovery and permission from his docs to hit the Carribean! :) Everything is looking good so far!

P.S.S. Here are the words to a drinking song I learned Friday night...a spoof of the Sound of Music classic.....a staple at the Hofbrauhaus in Newport, KY (just over the river from Cincy) which is one of 3 or 4 Hofbrauhaus's in the world (based in Munich)!

"Dough... the stuff that buys my be-er,
Ray.... the guy that serves my be-er,
Me.... the guy who drinks my be-er,
Fa.....a long way from my be-er,
So....I'll have another be-er,
La...Lalalala be-er, thanks I'm having be-er,
And that brings us back to BEER!"

A great joy is coming.
-- Author Unknown


perfect just like mommy said...

Congrats on the baby boy! I love that beer song. It's from the Simpsons.