Friday, July 18, 2008

18 weeks

Baby Cathey is continuing to to rump measuring about 5.5 inches long and weighing at least 5.25 oz. Baby's heart and circulatory system is continuing to develop and abnormalities could be detected if we had an u/s now....but we won't have a diagnostic u/s until I'm 22 weeks. Mylenation of nerve fibers is starting to take place so the baby's nervous system is also continuing to develop. My uterus is now the size of a cantaloupe or a little larger! I am supposed to expect back aches and possible urinary system problems including UTI's and kidney stones to start at this time. So far I guess I'm doing pretty well because I have really had either.

Thursday was the 18 weeks mark and my latest OB appt. I saw the next doc in my rotation at the OB's office and really liked him. He was very laid back and reassuring. I had another doppler and got to hear the HB again! :) The heart rate was 134.....this doc was quick to tell me that although little old ladies will tell me that that means I'm having a boy, he has 3 daughters and they all had lower heart rates like that one. So I truly have no clue! But as of Saturday we should have a better idea! I hope the baby is cooperative and not bashful when it comes time for the u/s! We are scheduled for our u/s at 11:45 on Saturday morning! I am very excited and will try to update my blog Saturday w/ the much awaited news!

Between the wish and the thing life lies waiting.


Candi B. said...

I'm DYING for the update!!!!!