Saturday, July 12, 2008

17 weeks

Baby Cathey is continuing to grow (as is his/her mom's belly!). The picture on the right was snapped just this morning before a trip to Lowe's to get more retaining wall bricks. We have a very exciting stay at home weekend planned and I love it!

About Baby, it is supposed to be the size of your hand spread out wide this week! I'm picturing the little Hamburger Helper glove man. Scary, I know! By now the major elements of Baby's lung are formed except those involved with oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange (rather important) so breathing air is not yet possible. Merconium (early baby poo material) is beginning to form in baby's bowel. Great...this one's brewing for 5 should be lovely!

On a more pleasant note, I think I felt the baby move in the middle of the night a few days ago. I am often up off and on during the wee (or should I say wee wee...ok I know that was bad) hours and when I got back in bed I felt a weird fluttery sensation...I thought I was imagining it but then it happened again! I have been trying to lie still when I am fully awake to try and feel it again but I haven't had any luck. All my baby books say early on that I may not be able to feel it everyday. I'm sure there is plenty of time for that! :)

More regularly, I am feeling the sharp round ligament pains when I roll over in bed (normal) and general discomfort when trying to sleep. I am still waiting for the fantastic uplift of the second trimester!!!! I have instead been having continued fatigue and new onset horrible sinus headaches (I have seasonal allergies anyway but lack of medication is proving a little tough). Geesh...what a whiner, huh? I know, I know! My skin on the other hand is great and Henry (and I) are getting more walks in around the lake. Also, since the discovery of the 'Tummy Sleeve' from Motherhood Maternity last week I have loads of wardrobe options! (This little sleeve allows you to wear some of your pre-pregnancy clothes by covering unbuttoned pants and bridging the gap between your regular shirts and pants! Brilliant!).

My only goals this weekend are to rest and do some household chores. This coming Thursday is my next OB appt, although nothing spectacular is expected. Next Saturday on the other hand, we have an appt scheduled to visit 'Becoming Mom' (a pregnancy spa and imaging center) to have our sex determination u/s!! (We won't have an u/s with our OB until August @ 22 weeks). So the next couple weeks will be exciting!! :)

A grand adventure is about to begin.
-- Winnie the Pooh


Jen J said...

I hear the best way to feel your baby move is to drink a cup of Orange Juice and then go lay down and be completely still. Then you're more likely to feel it!

Yay! I'm totally living vicariously through you right now!