Thursday, June 26, 2008

15 weeks: Baby Apple

Today I am 15 weeks pregnant. Our baby is the size of a large apple (close to the size of a softball according to one of my books!). Baby Apple is about 4 to 4.5 inches long crown to rump and weighs about 2.5 oz. Bones that have already formed are becoming harder and can be seen on an x-ray at this time. Baby Apple is moving amniotic fluid in and out of it's nose and upper respiratory tract which facilitates the development of air sacs in its lungs. Baby Apple's legs are now growing longer than it's arms and all joints of its body are now movable. Baby Apple's eyes are still fused shut but he/she can now detect light through my belly and may move away from the beam if sunshine or a flashlight is shown on my belly. Very neat! In the next few weeks I should be able to feel the baby move and I can't wait.

Meanwhile back at the uterus.......Feeling good, just a little tired. I took Henry for a walk around the neighborhood but it is hot so it was a short one. He visited w/ his best friends next door (two pugs named Reno and Bandit) while I quizzed our neighbor about g diapers. She works at a local health food store and they happen to be the only store in northern KY that carries these new hybrid diapers. They have a cloth cover but a flushable or biodegradable disposable liner. I am researching them to see if they are a good option for Baby Cathey. If anyone knows anything about them, then please pass me some info. Other than that, the bump is growing. I am starting back in a yoga class on Saturday morning and I am looking forward to the resulting relaxation. We are visiting Brad's family for July 4th so Baby Cathey better be prepared for the heat! :)

If you have love in your life it can make up for
a great many things you lack.
If you don't have it, no matter what else there is,
it's never enough---Ann Landers


Candi B. said...

Congrats on 15 weeks!! Are you finding out the sex of the baby??

Lauren said...

Candi: Yes we are finding out the sex of the baby...though later than I had hoped! We may do an u/s at an u/s center before our scheduled one w/ our OB(which is not until 22 weeks)in order to find out the sex before we register for our shower in August. How about you? Are guys going to find out?

Jenn said...

Testing out to see if I can still comment on your blog. I hope the Blog fairy comes and fixes the internet explorer problems.

James said...

Hi Lauren, I got the comment you left on my blog about problems with Interent Explorer. In my case it was a bit of code from "Share This" that was causing the problem. I removed that and it started working again. It took a lot of trail and error to figure it out. I hope you get it fixed. If you have further questions email me through the contact link in my blog's sidebar.

...and of course congrats on the new baby. I have three little ones of my own and they are the greatest joys in the world