Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First Appt w/ Regular OB

We had our first regular OB appt today! I am happy to say that we got to hear the heart beat! :) The doctor said it sounded perfect. It was awe inspiring. Wild. Incredible to think that there is tiny person--w/ a HEART-- growing inside me!! I am so happy!

BTW, the appt (aside from the doppler for the HB) was hum-ho. We met w/ a nurse who went over do's and don't's, took my BP (116/62), weighed me, took a urine sample, gave us info on prenatal parent classes, and gifted us a bag-o-goodies that mostly involved free prenatal vitamin samples. Then, we met w/ the doc (Dr. W), went over a timeline of the appt's I will attend over the next 7 months and then ended w/ a full gyn exam and the doppler. On a side note, this particular office uses 'poncho' style paper tops for the breast exam portion. Bizarre. I felt ridiculous! LOL! I even joked w/ the doc about them. He said they get 'mixed reviews'. If only I'd brought in my camera.....too funny.
I got to finish the afternoon w/ blood work at the lab and then wandered around in the parking garage attempting to find my car. Fortunately Brad had not left the garage yet and was able to pick me up and drive me to my car so that I didn't have to set up residency there. I seriously think 'pregnancy brain' is setting in. I normally pride myself on my photographic-like memory re:numbers and info but this week I am having word finding trouble and stuttering every once in a while. What a nerd! God is preparing me to talk non-sense and function as a sleep deprived person. Bring it on!

Desires which in our beings burn,
The hopes with which our bosoms yearn,
Are destined to come true.
-- Colfax Burgoyne Harman. Optimism.


alicia said...

yay heart beat!!! ohh so happy for you!

Jen Jubenville said...


Congrats on hearing the heartbeat of your little baby! I'm so happy for you!

You've come such a long way - you've earned this!

Jennifer said...

I'm sooo excited that you got to hear baby Grape's heartbeat! :) So did it sound like a washing machine or a helicopter? :) Next time be sure to ask what the baby's heartrate was. I need this info so that I can make my best guess as to the gender! :)

-Jenn & Nate